Conference on Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics

Department of Futures Studies
University of Kerala, Thiruvanthapuram
February 18-20, 2016

CALDAM 2016 Accepted Papers

CALDAM 2016 Accepted Papers

Shafiul Alam and Asish Mukhopadhyay. Algorithms for Problems on Maximum Density Segment
Pavel Emelyanov. AND-Decomposition of Boolean Polynomials with Prescribed Shared Variables
Adrian Dumitrescu and Anirban Ghosh. Lower Bounds on the Dilation of Plane Spanners
T. Karthick. Independent Sets in Classes Related to Chair-free Graphs
M A Shalu and T P Sandhya. The cd-coloring of graphs
Daya Gaur, Apurva Mudgal and Rishi Ranjan Singh. Approximation Algorithms for Cumulative VRP with Stochastic Demands
Seethu Varghese and A. Vijayakumar. On the power domination number of graph products
P Renjith, N Sadagopan and Illuri Madhu. Complexity of Steiner Tree in Split Graphs - Dichotomy Results
Raja V and Patil H. P.. Characterization of $H$-trees
Fouzul Atik and Pratima Panigrahi. Distance spectral radius of $k$-partitioned transmission regular graph
Robin Milosz and Sylvie Hamel. Medians of permutations : building constraints
Jasbir Kaur, Sucheta Dutt and Ranjeet Sehmi. Cyclic Codes over Galois Rings
Nibedita Mandal and Pratima Panigrahi. On Irreducible No-hole L(2,1)-colorings of Hypercubes and Triangular Lattices
Olivier Bodini, Julien David and Philippe Marchal. Random-bit optimal uniform sampling for rooted planar trees with given sequence of degrees and Applications
Devsi Bantva. On hamiltonian colorings of trees
Binay Bhattacharya, Sandip Das and Tsunehiko Kameda. Linear-Time Fitting of a k-Step Function
Adrian Dumitrescu and Anirban Ghosh. Lattice Spanners of Low Degree
Cristina Bazgan, Ljiljana Brankovic, Katrin Casel and Henning Fernau. On the Complexity Landscape of the Domination Chain
Manoj Changat, Ferdoos Hossein Nezhad and Narayanan Narayanan. Axiomatic Characterization of Claw and Paw-free Graphs Using Graph Transit Functions
Jayagopal R, Indra Rajasingh and Sundara Rajan R. Domination Parameters in Hypertree
Arti Pandey and B. S. Panda. b-Disjunctive total domination in graphs: Algorithm and hardness results
Ram Kumar, Manoj Changat, Kannan Balakrishnan and Prasanth G N. On The Center Sets of Some Graph Classes
Sandip Banerjee, Neeldhara Misra and Subhas Nandy. Color Spanning Objects: Algorithms and Hardness Results
Ramesh K Jallu and Gautam K Das. Improved Algorithm for Maximum Independent Set on Unit Disk Graph
Sandip Das, Sarvottamananda Swami and Ayan Nandy. Linear time algorithms for Euclidean 1-center in $\Re^d$ with non-linear convex constraints
Sagnik Sen, Sandip Das, Swathyprabhu Mj and Prantar Ghosh. Relative clique number of planar signed graphs
Jessica Pereira, Tarkeshwar Singh and S Arumugam. m-Gracefulness of Graphs
Mikhail Berlinkov. On the probability of being synchronizable
Hovhannes Harutyunyan and Zhiyuan Li. A New Construction of Broadcast Graphs
Adarsh K. Handa, Aloysius Godinho and Tarkeshwar Singh. Some Distance Antimagic Labelled Graphs


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